Simplex Plus

Product information

Simplex Plus


Are you new to metal detecting and simply need an easy to use detector?

You cannot afford a high-end detector but you simply want extreme depth and basic features of a high-end device?

Need a waterproof detector at an affordable price?

If you said yes to one of the above, SIMPLEX+ is the sole choice that covers it all. We are proud to offer our first entry level detector, the SIMPLEX+, which makes quality metal detecting available and affordable for all users.

SIMPLEX+ is a turn-on & go detector with auto ground balancing! It boasts preset search modes, including a beach mode, in a very easy-to-use, single menu design.

Whether you are searching for coins, artifacts or jewelry on land or underwater, SIMPLEX+ is the most cost-effective yet durable detector featuring a modern and lightweight style.

features of Simplex

Search Technology:

Simplex operates using VLF (ultra-low frequency) technology with a frequency of 12 kHz, with improved performance and innovative new features to get the best search results.

Device search modes:

Simlex has four search modes:

1_ All Metals Mode :

This mode is a general virtual search mode used to obtain all types of metals including ferrous and non-ferrous metals without any distinction of the same degree for all metals.

2_ field Mode:

The discovery status of the field as its name suggests is designed to detect different metals in fields filled with metal objects such as battlefields and wars, including for example ancient coins, swords, daggers, and so on.

3_ Park Mode:

This situation is well suited as his name suggests in the search for small objects such as rings, coins and small jewelry in public gardens.

4_ Beach mode:

Designed with the most appropriate search settings on the seashore and ocean. Without being affected by water because the device has the advantage of water resistance.

Target Digital ID:

Target ID is a unique number that is displayed on the screen of the device and relates to the detected metal signal and depends on the type of metal object that was discovered. What, the target ID number ranges from two to 99.

Simplex includes a digital ID field filtering feature that enables the user to distinguish between target IDs for unwanted metals such as iron ie ignoring iron signals.

Automatic Ground Balancing:

The most useful feature for beginners in Simplex is the automatic floor scales, where the user can install the device and start searching immediately without any ground balance.

Frequency shift

The frequency shift feature provides the best way to easily eliminate electromagnetic interference by adjusting the frequency value to small values ​​until the interference is removed.


When a metal target is detected, the device will vibrate, ideal for hearing impaired users as well as underwater detection.

Fashionable waterproof design:

Designed to be waterproof using IP68 standard, the device can be fully immersed in water up to 3 meters underwater with the possibility of dust protection.

Retractable shaft : 

Shaft can be folded up to 63 cm (a great feature for easy transportation and storage when diving too).

Online software update:

Device software updates can be obtained from the manufacturer`s website and updated via the USP on the PC with a link to the device.

Tumbled lighting:

The device can be used at night and underwater use because it has a backlight of the LCD screen and backlight of the keyboard as well as LED lamp.

Lithium polymer battery:

This battery provides nine working hours, charging the device easily with the included charger or USP power bank