Rover UC

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Rover UC

OKM Rover UC gold detector

The Rover UC gold detector is a new generation of detection technology used to detect deep targets and is considered to be smaller, lighter and more compact than any other device. The device is worked on through a mobile phone, which helps display the detection results.

The Rover UC gold detector is based on proven and reliable technology from the series of metal detectors in many details that have been improved with the device to be multi-functional in metal detection, as it is able to locate buried targets such as gold, silver, etc., as well as caves, graves and tunnels, and thus it is considered a Rover device UC is suitable for undercover prospectors.

With the invention of the metal detector Rover UC – Undercover a new era in metal detection has begun. This new device is smaller in size and lighter than all our previous metal detectors.All the electronic elements are inside the device and are controlled by a smartphone and does not require an external computer. Of course, you can transfer the data to a computer if you want to.

This metal detector has been developed for treasure hunters who want to search comfortably and without any disturbance without drawing the attention of others. And for that, we designed the device in the shape of a stick.

Possibilities of use:

3D scanning the ground and measuring areas

– Suitable for a secret treasure hunt

Designation of tunnels and caves

– Distinguish between magneto-ferrous and non-ferrous metals

– Magnetometer for magnetic metal detector

It is thanks to this perfect camouflage that the true purpose of this wand cannot be detected and it can be measured in places where it was not possible to search comfortably before this remarkable invention.

The 3D image analysis program was integrated with a smartphone that works on the basis of the Android program, and you do not need a computer except for detailed analyzes to determine the depth and size of the detected objects.


–  A Samsung S3 mobile phone used to display the search results  

– A  sensor in the form of a stick used in detecting metals and photographing targets  

– AA batteries  

– CD 

– The VISUALIZE 3D program is used to illustrate the image of the targets and know the depth of the target  

– A  training catalog in Arabic and English


– صغير وخفيف الوزن 
– نظام الراديو FM 
– يقوم بتصوير الهدف عن طريق الهاتف المحمول 
– نظام التمييز بين انواع المعادن 
– يعمل على بطاريات قياسية من نوع AA

– Small and lightweight  

– FM radio system  

– Shoots the target with a mobile phone  

– System to distinguish between types of metals  

– Works on standard AA batteries

Languages ​​available

Arabic – English – French – Spanish – Farsi – German