Rover C4

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Rover C4

Rover C4 3D imaging gold detector

The Rover C4 gold and treasure detector and ground scanner is  easy to use via a touch screen. It can detect lost treasures (coins, rings, jewelry etc.), as well as voids (tunnels, caves, rooms, graves etc.). The detector is also equipped with an innovative Orbit LED, which visually indicates underground targets while scanning the ground and emits colored light to visualize the detected minerals and cavities.

Additional Features of Rover C4

Supported operating modes: ground scan, pointer, metal scan, magnetometer

Graphical user interface in many different languages

Operational touch screen with alternate equipment buttons

Multi-level LED lighting to operate the detector in dark environments

Search depth of up to 25 meters underground

Transfer data wirelessly

Separate memory places to store recorded measurement data

Detectable objects that can be found with the Rover ground scanner

Lost treasures and hidden precious metals, treasure chests, gold coins, jewelry, silverware, statues, general valuables, buttons, underground spaces and cavities, tunnels, graves, rooms, vaults, burials, shelters, bunkers, natural gold minerals, raw gold, Gold deposits, gold veins.

All data that was recorded with the Rover C4 metal detector during ground or metal scanning work can be transferred to the Visualizer 3D software to process detailed 3D analysis.

Rover C4 includes the latest advanced ground scanning technology to discover most types of precious and non-precious metals and voids and can be used to find the following targets:

– Various golden objects such as gold treasures, gold boxes, old coins, and jewelry 

Precious metals such as silver, bronze, copper, etc.

Natural raw gold and raw gold veins

Various ground cavities such as tunnels, basements, and caves

Measuring sensors

The Rover C4 is equipped with two measuring sensors, the Standard Probe and the Super Sensor.

These two sensors are used for different search applications and each is suitable for conducting scans under specific operating conditions.

At the end of both the probes are equipped with an optical ball called an LED Orbit, which can determine the measured values ​​and give an optical indication.

And that is through the change in its color during the scanning process and it gives an idea of ​​the nature of the target metal under the probe.


Device accessories

– The main electronic unit

– Carrying tube

– The Standard Probe with an optical ball end

– The Super Sensor is equipped with an optical ball at the end

– Bluetooth USB cable

– A DVD containing the Visualizer 3D analysis program

– Tablet PC / Tablet 

– Wireless bluetooth headphones

– Power unit with charger and car charger

– Operation manual

– Certificate of Origin from the manufacturer (2-year warranty)


Search Modes:

The device includes four different search modes, which are:

1 – Ground Scan mode

The ground scan mode is used to make a vacuum survey by using the standard probe for the area in which metal targets are likely to be present.

Geospatial data are stored for later analysis using the software installed on the included tablet or laptop computer.

2 – Mineral Scan mode

This mode is used to search for various natural minerals or their compositions in the ground, such as silver or copper metals.

3 – Magnetometer Scan

As is evident, this search mode enables the user to search for metals that have a magnetic property, such as iron, steel, and others.

When using this mode, the device displays an approximate representation on the screen of the changes in the captured signal, although the mode is mainly audio mode.

Both probes can be used to scan in this mode, but when using the super sensor, a greater search depth can be obtained.

4 – Pin Pointer

As the name of this mode suggests, it allows the possibility of locating potential targets more precisely, and gives the ability to distinguish between magnetic and non-magnetic meanings, and the super sensor must be used exclusively when using this mode.

Analyzing data with Visualizer 3D  

The measured data for the surveying process recorded by the measuring sensors in two operating modes (ground scan and mineral scanning) can be transferred to a computer, laptop or tablet on which the analytical program attached to this device is installed.

Which provides enormous possibilities for conducting a detailed graphical analysis of the search area and can know the locations, sizes and depths of all the targets buried within the survey area.

The data within the Visualizer 3D analysis program is displayed in a three-dimensional graphical form in different colors.

The different colors express the nature of the metal or the material, where each color expresses a certain type, for example the red color for a precious metal target and the blue for the color of the space.

Through the program’s easy interface, it is possible to know the depth and position of any target accurately and visually.

Where you can find out all the details about all the targets and spaces within the scanned search area.

– touch screen

The Rover C4 is provided with a large LCD screen that supports touch to give easy and intuitive control over the various device settings.

Such as choosing the scan modes and other options through a visual interface with a simplified menu system.


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