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Multi Kruzer

Here you will find a review of the Makro Multi metal detector product line. It consists of three metal detectors — Makro Kruzer, Makro Multi Kruzer, and Makro Gold Kruzer.

The article has information about the devices operating frequency, the search coil types they are using, if wireless headphones are included in the package set, and how these metal detectors differ from each other.

Makro Kruzer is a metal detector designed by the Turkish manufacturer Makro in 2018. Turkish metal detectors have proved themselves to be quality devices, and they are rather popular among detectorists.

Currently, the product line consists of three modes — Makro Kruzer, Makro Multi Kruzer, and Makro Gold Kruzer. Such an approach is quite usual for the company, since, for example, Nokta Anfibio product line also includes three metal detector models.

his metal detector uses only one operating frequency — 14 kHz. For this reason, this metal detector model is the cheapest in the product line. As for the device quality, it is not worse than Makro Kruzer Multi and Nokta Impact, because it operates using the same scheme.

The metal detector has six search modes, and the device is submergible. The standard package set includes 11″ D.D. coil, charging unit, and wireless headphones.

The review

The current review concerns the flagship model – Makro Kruzer Multi because this is the most multi-purpose device of the product line.

The device package set includes:

  • The control unit attached to the upper shaft section together with the armrest; the accumulator battery is inserted;
  • Middle shaft section;
  • Bottom shaft section;
  • Wireless headphones 2.4 GHz Blue Edition;
  • User’s manual;
  • Double D 11 x 7 search coil with a protection cover.

There is no Pro package set for this product line.

The shaft

The device has a standard S-shaped shaft. Though we should mention that the armrest design is new, and it is completely different from the previous one. The first thing that catches the eye is the absence of the battery holder.

No batteries are required here. The new device model has an internal rechargeable battery. Considering this fact, you find a charging unit and a cable in the device package set.

The device control, electronic system, and power supply are all gathered in one unit located on top of the shaft.

The metal detector is rather light-weighted; it weighs just 1.3 kg. The shaft length varies from 111 to 133.5 cm; its bottom section is made from carbon.

Makro Multi Kruzer metal detector has a vibration target response available. Initially, this mode was intended for users with some disabilities (for deaf people, for example).

Makro manufacturer was the only one who included such a function into all their metal detectors. The device handle is equipped with the vibration response, and it can be felt quite clear.

This function also allows noiseless treasure hunting process, and at that, the user doesn’t use headphones (which allows hearing everything that is going on around). However, the vibration target response has another advantage. When underwater treasure hunting, target sound response can’t be heard without headphones.

There are two options in this case – either you should get some expensive headphones for the underwater search, or use the vibro target response.

The coil

Makro Kruzer Multi metal detector uses the standard VLF scheme. The standard package set includes Double D search coil 11×7 large.

The user can select operating frequency from three options available: 5, 14, 19 kHz. The frequency shift is available to ignore noise produced by devices operating within the same frequency range.

Pay attention, even though the device has Multi in its name, the metal detector doesn’t use several operating frequencies simultaneously (like Minelab Vanquish, for example), the frequencies are selected sequentially.

The control unit

This metal detector model has gained some new design features, which aren’t peculiar to the previous models. However, the color palette of the device has reminded black.

The device has a completely new control unit design and control buttons. The display menu has something in common with the one of Makro Racer 2, but yet it has a completely new appearance.

VDI-number now has an additional scale, which looks as a semi-circle and menu items are located on either side of the display.

Target depth, digital target indicator (V.D.I./Target ID), ground conditions, and current metal detector settings are displayed on the screen.

Makro Multi Kruzer display has a backlit to make digging in the twilight more convenient. Makro Multi Kruzer backlit is on not only while you are adjusting the device. When you get a positive target response, when the target is under your search coil, Makro Multi Kruzer display backlit turns on automatically. The backlit function has several modes – you can turn it on/off, adjust its brightness.

Search modes

Let’s take a closer look at the metal detector search modes.

Gen or All Metal

You should adjust the device threshold and go into the fields, which are not very rubbished. When this mode is on, the device beeps whatever is under the coil, but you won’t miss any target in this case. The device detection depth is close to its maximum.

2 Tone

This mode has different audio signal tones for two segments of the discrimination scale. In the case of ferrous targets, the sound is low, and for non-ferrous targets – it is high. The pitch of the tone is adjustable.

3 Tone

This mode offers three tones of audio signals for three discrimination scale segments. The mode is good for coin shooting on trashy areas.

4 Tone

This mode offers four tones of audio signals for four discrimination scale segments, correspondingly. This mode will do for coin shooting on grounds with low and medium mineralization levels.


It is recommended to use this mode on grounds with high conductivity (beaches with brackish water and alkali soils). Makro Multi Kruzer is equipped with full functionality for beach hunting.

The metal detector can work both on the dry and wet sea sand. Smart ground balance function allows compensating for the effect of salt, and it will provide you with additional advantages where other metal detectors fail or produce phantom signals and make the treasure hunting process impossible.


This mode provides maximal detection depth, but the target response isn’t that fast in this case. Another thing is that this mode requires swinging the search coil slowly.

E.U.D. (Extra Underground depth)

This mode is for areas with lots of iron rubbish around and highly mineralized soils. The mode provides increased detection depth and decreased discrimination function. It is not recommended for trashy areas.

Makro Multi Kruzer E.U.D. mode increases the detection depth to the values, which aren’t reachable for other metal detectors due to the soil mineralization effect. High target response speed makes the treasure hunting process convenient on the areas where the findings are located close to each other.

In simple words, the speed of the target response processing and restoring can show you where the coin is among the iron rubbish, for example, among nails or ferrous metal fragments.