Product information


Nokta Invenio is a world`s first smart Detector & imaging system It is a revolutionary device with unique patented technology. This imaging technology use a special designed coils to scan underground and display the shape, dimensions and depth of gold or other metals on he screen of the device in real time.

– Multi-Purpose Device:

Invenio can be used to detect various types of targets including: deep-buried gold treasures, spaces and tunnels, coins, artifacts, underground cavities such as graves and chambers and in short everything underground

– Search Modes

Invenio metal detector includes 6 search modes as follows:

1 – 3 Non-Motion Search Modes: Basic – Expert – Ground Anomaly & Cavity

2 – 3 Motion Modes: All Metal – Fast – Deep

– Great Metal Discrimination & Unmasking:

This feature in Invenio device save the time of the prospector by focusing on discovering the targets he want to find and thus spending less time digging.

– High Performance and Unprecedented Depth

Invenio gold detector can detect the deepest treasures of gold, jewels, artifacts, etc., which no other device can find or detect.

– Wireless Connection

Communication and data transfer between the system box of Invenio device and the coil unit is don wirelessly using Wi-Fi technology. In addition, users who do not prefer wired headphones can purchase optional 2.4 GHz wireless headphones to hear target signals.

– Vibration:

The device features a vibration feature. When activated, the device will vibrate when a target is detected, a key feature for hearing impaired users when searching in areas with high noise and sounds.

– Save Scan Data

The user can save all three-dimensional graphics and screen shots resulted from the ground scanning and transfer it to his computer for better preview and more detailed analysis.

– Online Firmware Update

Updates for device software program can be downloaded from the manufacturer`s website and it can be updated by connecting the USB cable attached to the device and downloading updates to the device by using a computer.

– Front LED Flashlight and Screen backlight:

The device has a LED flashlight used to search in the dark, and the screen has a backlight so user can see the results of the scan even in the dark

standard Package Contents

1 – System Box

2 – Shaft & Handle

3 – IPTU Sensor

4 – INV40 Search Coil

5 – INV28 Search Coil

6 – System Box Carrying Case

7 – Headphones

8 – AC Charger

9 – Car Charger

10 – USB Cable

11 – IPTU Carrying Bag

12 – Protective Covers

13 – Coil Mounting Hardware

14 – Carrying Belt

15 – Carrying Bag

Pro Package Contents

1 – System Box

2 – Shaft & Handle

3 – IPTU Sensor

4 – INV40 Search Coil

5 – INV56 Search Coil

6 – INV28 Search Coil

7 – Headphones

8 – System Box Carrying Case

9 – Spare 9500mAh LiPo Battery

10 – AC Charger

11 – Car Charger

12 – USB Cable

13 – Harness/Carrying Belt/Bungee Cord

14 – Coil Mounting Hardware

15 – Protective Covers

16 – IPTU Carrying Bag

17 – INV56 Carrying Bag

18 – Carrying Bag