EXP 6000

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EXP 6000

OKM – EXP 6000

The latest OKM global system is a giant device in its unique characteristics that is characterized by a large search depth of up to 40 meters underground, in addition to that it enables you to see underground targets in three dimensions through video glasses and analyze the results on a computer or tablet device in addition to the possibility of operating the device on more from a computer or tablet to allow more than one person to monitor the results at the same time.

Gold and Metal Detector EXP 6000 – Wireless 3D Metal Detector and Ground Scanner with Touch Screen and Video Glasses.

The Earth Scanner EXP 6000 is  OKM’s product for treasure hunters, coin hunters, archaeologists, prospectors, gold seekers and land surveyors. This detector is completely wireless and can be controlled by any touch screen, Android system, video glasses, or tablet.

 EXP 6000 uses 3D software to analyze scanning images of unearthed objects and determine the depth and distance of underground targets such as ancient artifacts, precious treasures and historical relics.

 The EXP 6000 Ground Metal Detector 3D Metal Detector is designed for treasure hunters, archaeologists, prospectors and gold hunters to locate buried artifacts, historical materials, lost treasures and hidden objects:

Precious metal objects such as gold, silver, copper and bronze, hidden non-metallic structures such as ancient tombs, caves, walls, foundations, statues, chambers and graves, raw gold, precious artifacts and lost treasure.


  1. Program 3 (“Visualizer 3D”) 
  2. Charger and Power Adapter  
  3. Console 
  4. Power Pack 
  5. Telescopic Glasses 
  6. USB Stick  
  7. User Manual 
  8. Waterproof and Shockproof Wireless Battery 
  9. Powered Headphones 
  10. Wireless Super Sensor 
  11. Wireless Telescope Glasses  
  12. Tablet PC 
  13. GPS  
  14. Video Glasses with Built-in Speakers  
  15. Sencer Tablet Windows  
  16. Triple Photography Sencer wireless imaging blanks


All components of this device are wireless. 

EXP 6000 uses Wi-Fi to establish a wireless data connection to the 3D detector. The ground survey system mainly consists of the following parts:

Control unit:

With touch screen, multi-language user interface in different layouts, automatic light handling system and GPS (can be activated by user.

The main telescope unit:

Check the following measuring sensors:

Telescopic verification:

This invention is very new and can cover a wide area of ​​the earth’s surface.


Specialized in penetrating the earth’s layers using the system of discrimination between minerals and voids.

Spaces Sensor:

This measuring probe can be attached to a 3D metal detector to detect hidden tunnels, chambers, basements, shelters, caves and many other cave targets.

Sensor Direct Photography:

The ground scan will appear directly on the main control screen of the EXP6000, to show you buried things and voids directly. In this way, you can cover large areas in a short period.

In addition to the touch screen of the EXP 6000 ground scanner operator, the metal detector can also be controlled with any Android video display glasses or tablet. Android devices can be used to replace the display as well as to allow additional users to view the presentation or monitor and poll the work results.

The device is  German made from OKM global systems.

Languages ​​available

German – English – French – Spanish – Arabic – Persian – Greek – Turkish – Chinese – Bulgarian