Ground Navigator

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Ground Navigator

Ground Navigator 3D Gold Detector 

The latest German OKM devices, the best 3D pictorial gold detection devices to detect gold and archaeological treasures, the ground explorer, Ground Navigator, the latest German industries, reach a depth of 40 meters underground.

Ground Navigator device, the best version of the German factory OKM for all prospectors and professional explorers, works with a three-dimensional imaging system equipped with five systems to detect gold, buried treasures and precious metals, as well as voids and caves, a device that fits all the needs of prospectors.

Features of the imaging ground navigator gold detector

The device is used in:

  • The detection of gold treasures, jewelry, ancient coins … etc.
  • Detection of precious metals such as gold, silver, bronze, and platinum
  • Detection of ferrous and magnetic metals such as iron
  • Detection of raw gold
  • Detecting voids, tunnels, caves and ground cavities


Bag contents

  • Control unit:

The control unit is the main processing unit of the device. It is equipped with a modern small digital screen.

Simple control buttons to select operating modes and select other settings for the vacuum scan.

And in the new version, a color screen and touch screen to control the program.

  • The Super Sensor:

Which is used for measuring and surveying in all operating modes.

  • Charger, charging unit and travel charger:

The device comes with a charger to charge the battery and a charging base to charge the Power Pack external power unit.

There is also a travel charger that is used to charge the power unit via a socket from the car battery.

  • Wireless headphones:

The device can be used and heard the sounds issued (especially when using the magnetic operating mode) through ordinary wired headphones or via wireless bluetooth headphones.

Or via the internal loudspeaker in the main console, but to provide convenience for the user when using the device, wireless headphones have been included in the device’s bag.

  • Cable for data transfer

Used to transfer data from the main console to the tablet computer.

  • DVD containing the Visualizer 3D analysis program
  •  Tablet