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Fusion Pro

Okm Fusion 3D Metal Detector

Okm Fusion 3D metal detector from the German okm factory is the new version of Future 2019

A device that works with the 3D direct imaging system, developed from the German manufacturer Okm, suitable for both beginners and professionals.

The  Fusion is the latest and most advanced and minerals-manufactured version of the previous version of the Future device  , the Fusion was designed   in two versions, an easy and simple version for beginners that is suitable for everyone who wants to learn and enter the world of mineral exploration, and a copy is also for professionals from geologists and global archaeological exploration missions to help them In revealing the secrets and buried treasures underground, caves and relics of ancient civilizations.

Fusion is available in two different models:

Okm Fusion Professional 

Okm Fusion Professional Plus 

Both models share the following features:

  1. Bluetooth headphones.
  2. Transfer data wirelessly.
  3. A tablet computer (laptop) equipped with the 3D direct imaging system and activated.
  4. View data with Visualize 3D software
  5. New SRIS search coil for small metal targets.
  6. A well-equipped bag to resist water and shocks.


1- Tablet computer (laptop).

2- The new SRIS search coil for small metal targets.

3- The carrying case is well equipped to resist water and shocks.

4- Bluetooth headphones.

5- The visualizer program to display data on it in a three-dimensional way.

6- Search stick.


The OKM Fusion Professional version is suitable for beginners or for small budgets, while the OKM Fusion Professional Plus version is ideal for professional applicants in the gold field who need more operating features.

Okm Fusion Professional is used only in portrait orientation and supports the following operating modes:

* Ground scanning: Performing a 3D graphics measurement for detailed analysis on the computer screen.

* Direct sound: the acoustic magnetic field measurement processing to detect ferrous metals.

 Okm Fusion Professional Plus  can be used in both vertical and horizontal directions and supports the following modes:

* Ground scanning: Perform standard 3D graphics for detailed analysis and display it on the computer screen.

* Live sound: processing the magnetic field to detect ferrous metals using the audio system.

* Direct scanning (multi-sensor, ultrasound): The direct image is processed immediately while traveling in the scanning field.

Use the SRIS search coil  to locate micro and small minerals 

One of the most important new detection features is the SRIS search coil through which it can search for small metals such as jewelry, rings, bracelets, and necklaces.

This disc can be activated individually by the user while setting the Live Sound, Ground Scan and Live Scan (Ultrasound) operating modes.

The advantage of the SRIS disk lies in identifying the target points during the search. It is easy to discover the general locations of buried objects with our 3D FUSION OKM, but when you start drilling it may be very difficult to match the correct points of the hidden objects afterwards by checking the excavated materials.

With the activated SRIS search coil, you will never miss any small object after that, regardless of its size, such as: chains, rings, jewelry, bracelets and necklaces, coins and also small pins

Visualization 3D of Underground Treasures While surveying an unknown area and recording measurement values, the Visualizer 3D software instantly analyzes this information to display a color-coded 3D drawing of hidden objects and structures. Thus you will literally “see” all the buried treasures, gold objects, artifacts, and any other hidden objects before digging. Additionally, you can specify the size, position, and depth of the detected objects. So you know where to dig and how deep to dig to find objects of interest. When you purchase an OKM metal detector, you are not only buying any device, but also getting full benefits from excellent customer service, in addition to the tried and tested German OKM detection technology with more than 20 years of experience in the field of metal detection.

Languages ​​available

  – Arabic – English – German – Persian – French – Turkish – Spanish – Russian – Chinese – Japanese