EXP 4500

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EXP 4500

EXP 4500 treasure detector

One of the best gold detectors that works with the imaging system, the EXP 4500 gold detector from the German OKM factory is a device that has multifunctional displays, as it works on the basis of optical imaging of underground targets.

The EXP 4500 gold detector is a device that features multi-function displays, as it is based on underground imaging.

EXP 4500 You Can Detect All Underground Treasures Unlike other ground scanners and imaging detectors, the EXP 4500 gold detector is truly unique.

The EXP 4500 can identify buried things, such as antiques, and metals such as gold and silver, etc., even if they are deeply buried

Characteristics and Applications of the Ground Scanner EXP 4500 The ground scanner EXP 4500 is a high performance device in metal detection.

– Detection of metals and treasures and exploration with a three-dimensional system.

– 3D imaging including size and depth.

– Detection of gold and other elements of great value.

– Finding ancient artifacts, hidden treasures, gold, silver, bronze and treasures from coins.

– Locating the caves And tunnels and voids.


  1. GPR Antenna 25 cm, 50 cm, 75 cm, 100 cm. 
  2. Antenna for Super Sensor.
  3. Tunnel Detection for  conducting ground checks.
  4. FS-Thermos can receive infrared rays and convert them into images.
  5. The  unit of measurement EXP 4500 includes a portable PC with data that is displayed directly on the full color screen, while scanning.


Prospecting for gold, caves and treasures with several specialized detection antennas

– Lightweight portability

– Quick and easy to use and operating range 

– Excellent color for surveys

– Instant on-site interpretation from the target area

– Measured values ​​show target depth

– Ease of use

– 3-year warranty

– German made

Languages ​​available

Arabic – English – Farsi – Turkish – French – Spanish – German