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What is mental detector?

Metal detectors create a magnetic field around their browser disk (coil). When a metal object is in the range of a magnetic field, the intensity of the magnetic field changes and the metal detector detects the presence of metal around its disk and notifies the probe. The stronger  the magnetic field  produced , the greater the metal detection depth. The depth of exploration by the metal detector varies more or less depending on the size, shape and material of the metal.

LD detector’s company:

LD Detector is the sales representative of the best and highest quality metal detectors in the world without interfaces. LD Detector Company officially  has started its activity since 2009 in the field of import and sale of treasure hunters and metal detectors. LD Detector is proud to announce that all products come with a warranty and after-sales service. Our experts are ready to provide advice on purchasing metal detectors to you, dear buyers nationwide.

Types of metal detectors

There are different models of metal detectors or treasure hunters , which  come in  four types  . Here we try to introduce you to them briefly:

1-  detectors circuit very low frequency  (VLF): These devices are small and very light. With this metal detector, they can find a metal object at a depth of about one meter. They have high resolution and are suitable for metal objects that are very close to the ground.

2. Pulsed induction detectors (PI): This type of metal detector is suitable for exploring relatively large objects and can explore to a depth of five meters.

3- video metal detectors (3D scanner): These types of metal detectors are suitable for exploring large objects at high depths. They also have a distinction between precious and non-precious metals. And another feature of this type of metal detector is the display of empty space such as: tunnels, graves, underpasses, etc.

4- Detector (long rang): This type of metal detector is suitable for exploring large places and tracking objects from a distance, and using it will be the best option next to the circuit.

Features of professional metal detectors

1- Metal detector should have the best stability.

2- Quality metal detector should have a sensitivity indicator.

3- The metal detector or gold detector must have the ability to adjust the frequency.

4- A professional metal detector must have a distinction between iron and non-iron.

important points

- If you are going to buy a metal detector, refer to our experts to offer you the best device according to the conditions of your exploration location, and the depth you want.

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