2.4ghz Wireless Headphones

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2.4ghz Wireless Headphones


Gear up and stay on top of your beeps with the Nokta | Makro 2.4. Wireless Headphones with your Nokta metal detector. If you haven’t tried wireless headphones, now the time to get something new that will change to way you hunt. We all know that background noises can cause a few missed targets to hear and there but with these new wireless headphones, you can rest assure that you are ready for that next adventure.

These headphones will work with the following Nokta | Makro metal detectors.

  • Nokta Simplex+
  • Nokta PulseDive
  • Nokta Anfibio
  • Nokta Invenio
  • Nokta Kruzer
  • Nokta Gold Kruzer
  • Nokta TMD-101
  • Nokta Impact
  • Nokta Racer 2
  • Nokta Gold Racer

Nokta 2.4ghz Wireless HeadphonesPart Number: 17000209
Description: 2.4GHz Wireless Headphones – (Green Edition)Treasures in America take our customer satisfaction to a whole new level. We are very passionate about metal detecting and treasure hunting and we have our way to understand each customer and what their needs are. We can fit anyone into a metal detector or metal detecting accessories by matching you to a product that fits your needs and your budget. If you have any questions concerning this product or any other product, please reach out to Treasures in America and we will be happy to help. If you are truly an adventure and treasure hunter, this online store was created for you. Instead of wasting time looking on the internet for the right product and price, let Treasures in America help you so you can quickly get out in the field so you can do what you love doing.

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