ACE 400

Product information

ACE 400

This Garrett ACE 400 is, literally, the new top-dog when it comes to the entire ACE series. A replacement of the previous, but now replaced ACE 350 series; ACE 400 comes with many more features that are absent in the other Garrett ACE models.

So, how does it look and work?

At its basics level, this ACE 400 is a VLF metal hunting detector boasting a high operational frequency of 10kHz. Looking at the older ACE models by Garrett, the ACE 400 has a higher frequency range compared to its (now) predecessor, ACE 300.

With its 10kHz frequency range, this metal detector is extremely sensitive, particularly to the smaller targets, as well as the items with a medium-range conductivity. Its frequency is also perfect for the balancing of depth in relation to the sensitivity of your expedition, around coin/ relic hunting. Note, however, that despite its sensitivity, this metal detector is not a great option when it comes to gold prospecting. If you need a metal detector for gold prospecting, we recommend that you opt for the task-specific/ gold-prospecting metal detectors. Also on frequency is the frequency adjustment that offers small-level adjustments, perfect when out hunting in groups and when most of the guys in your crew are also using the ACE 400. This adjustment function makes it easier to deal with interference and other factors that could affect the frequency and sensitivity readings.

Now that we are on the same page regarding the functionality of this Garrett ACE 400, let’s look at what makes it a reliable fit for coins, relics, or jewelry hunting. Well, in addition to its high-frequency VLF detector, this metal detector is quite lightweight. Weighing 2.9lbs only, this detector won’t tire you out when you have to swing it around for hours.

In addition to its lightweight design, it also features an adjustable stem with a range of 40” to 53” for enhanced maneuverability and control, as well as a cam lock that offers extra hunting stability. Note that just like all the other metal detectors on the market, this ACE 400 comes in three parts with the cam lock offering an extra layer of stability to this detector’s separation points. The cam lock, therefore, offers an extra level of stability when you swing it.

Keep in mind that the detector might feel a little unbalanced during its use because of its search coil (it’s larger than what you are used to). The good news is that the search coil’s size doesn’t make the detector uncomfortable.

The other reason why this ACE 400 is a reputable metal detecting device among pros is that it looks great. It sports a yellow color scheme that’s easily recognizable. Although not everyone loves yellow, this detector isn’t unattractive.