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The Fisher F75 Metal Detector is the ultimate metal detector with cutting edge technology. The latest features make it even more versatile, with greater depth, better target separation, and improved audio features. Treasures in America offers competitive pricing for the Fisher F75 detector, as well as monthly payments with Affirm afterpay options. Get the latest and most cutting edge technology from Fisher at Treasures in America!

Fisher F75 Metal Detector Features: 

13kHz Operating Frequency

The Fisher F75 has a VLF operating frequency of 13kHz, providing great small object sensitivity without sacrificing depth. It is recommended for relic hunting, coin shooting, beach hunting, and gold prospecting. 

Ergonomic Design

The Fisher F75 is lightweight and ergonomically designed, so you can comfortably search for treasures over long days. It has a balanced weight distribution, a foam handle, and other features that make this metal detector comfortable to hold. 

Enhanced Discrimination

The Fisher F75 metal detector has advanced, double filter discrimination modes for metal detecting in trashy areas with junk metals. With the newest Fisher metal detector, you have the ability to activate or deactivate DST Mode (Digital Shielding Technology), so you can improve EMI suppression and interference. Discrimination mode also now offers advanced audio pitch, so you can discern between a real treasure and a junk signal. 

3 New Levels of FeTone

Don’t dig for ferrous trash metals – the Fisher F75 comes with three new levels of FeTone to complement the former high setting. Now, choose from iron audio off, low, medium, or high so you can better understand what’s worth digging for and what you should leave behind. 

Fast Target Separation

The Fisher F75 metal detector has FA (fast process) target separation, an upgrade from the previous model. This faster response time improves target separation, so it’s perfect for areas with abundant targets. 

Other Features:

  • Powerful Performance with Trigger-Actuated Target Pinpointing and Variable Audio Pitch
  • Easily Adjustable Sensitivity, Increased Depth, and Pinpointing
  • Large LCD Screen with 0-99 Numeric Target Identification Display and Backlight for Low-Light Conditions
  • Improved Discrimination with 3 Search Modes and Various Discrimination Controls
  • Magnetic Mineralization Bar Graph and Readout
  • Manual or Automatic FASTGRAB™ Ground Balance
  • Non-Volatile Memory Saves Settings
  • Low Operating Cost – Typically 40+ Hours with 4-AA Alkaline Batteries
  • Double-D Waterproof Search Coil
  • Rain Cover for Control Housing & Battery Housing Available

Recommended for:
Coin Shooting
Relic Hunting
Beach Hunting
Gold Prospecting


We offer one of the largest selection of Fisher Labs products. We are not just a company that sells metal detectors, but we are out in the field, testing the products that we sell. Treasures in America stands proudly to say that we have a great relationship and partnership with Fisher and that we would never discourage anyone from buying Fisher products. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are here to help you find the right gear that fits your need and budget.