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September 18, 2014
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Zond GPR- Accurate Locators

Zond 12e GPR

Zond 12e GPR Dual Channel Control Unit from Radar Systems is a powerful combination of Ground Penetrating Radar and computer software. The Zond is capable of reaching targets with depths of up to 30 meters!*


Zond 12e GPR Includes:

  • Prism Software
  • Minimum Purchase of 1 Antenna
  • Laptop not included
  • Sounding time range: 50 to 2000 nanoseconds
  • Transmitter pulse repetition: 115 kHz
  • Scan rate (max): 14 scans per second
  • Samples in trace: 128, 256 or 512
  • Range gain: user selected linear or exponential time variable gain function
  • Gain control range: 0 to 80 dB
  • Dynamic range: 128 dB Filter: user selected run-time high-pass
  • Filter Sounding modes: continuous or stepped stacking
  • Data transfer: through serial port RS-232C to notebook-type computer
  • Input power: 12V DC belt-mounted rechargeable
  • Battery pack with operating range 10.5-13 Volts Battery capacity: 6.5 Amp*h
  • Consumed current: 0.7 Amp
  • Dimensions (without PC): 35x30x5.5 cm Weight (without PC): 3.0 Kg
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