Millennium 2000
October 8, 2015
October 8, 2015
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Complete Operators Manual
Custom Deluxe Receiver Rods
External Battery Port
Waterproof Carrying Case
One Full Year Warranty
Closer View of Treasure TrailBlazer

Extremely advanced technology and simplicity of use, make this locator a favorite for every endeavor. Set-up the locator in seconds and you are searching at a high level of built-in precision for whatever your target is.After entering the frequency for the target desired, turn the Power Adjust for the distance or area you wish to search. Next adjust the Mass Discrimination to the size of target that you wish to find. The on board matrix module is automatically activated when the power switch is turned “on”. This feature ignores mineralization, hot rocks and many other problems. At this time you can activate our all new Auto Track and go directly to your target, or choose other options. After tracking target, you now have the targets size – depth – identification and the exact pinpoint!

Frequencies are supplied in our owner manual, or the “TrailBlazer” has the ability to signature or fingerprint any object. Most common frequencies are gold, silver, diamonds, currency, platinum, emeralds, etc. The TrailBlazer also has the ability to signature the difference between refined gold and natural gold.

With all of the Exclusive Hi-Tech Features built in, you have power and precision at your command. All of this in a simple format! Your options are endless and easy!

Advanced Technology in One Simple Package

Deluxe external float charger

Obtain Size, Depth, Type of Treasure, and Pinpoint from One Set-up

Quality Components and Features Built-in

Fast Set-up and Search

Adaptable for Shipwreck and Water Hunting

Oil Field Exploration

Finds Treasure in the Toughest Soils

Great for Tunnels and Caves