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September 18, 2014
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TD Handy Scan -GPR

The TD Handy-Scan® is our new hand-held multifunction advanced ultrasonic system. The Handy-Scan was born out of the demand for an inexpensive ultrasonic system that delivers Phased array, ToFD & Pulse echo in a single integrated portable package. The TD Handy-Scan satisfies the growing use of multifunctional UT systems for routine detection and analysis but also fits into more complex inspection procedures with ease. Although the TD Handy-Scan is a small hand-held instrument weighing only 3 kilograms, it sports an impressive battery of features and capability. We have taken our successful approach to designing miniature circuitry to a new level of innovation that will enhance the usability of our ultrasonic systems in the field.

Technicians are often expected to perform inspections using several UT modes and it is now common for inspections to include, for example, both Phased array and ToFD to complement each other. Switching between UT modes is achieved simply by selecting the appropriate mode in the software. The ease of use of the software coupled with micro-miniature electronics, convenient replaceable battery and ultra-compact, lightweight construction brings a new dimension of portable functionality without relinquishing any data quality. The TD Handy-Scan can be used to perform a wide range of code compliant inspections as well as bespoke procedures for special applications including Weld scanning, Corrosion mapping using video tracking, real time defect search and detection using A, B, C, D and Sectorial scan with either ‘snap-shot’ or full data recording – its uses are as wide as the imagination.

General Specificatio Technical Specification
  • 64 /32 element Phased Array
  • 8 conventional sockets for ToFD or Pulse
  • Echo
  • Encoder input
  • 2 x USB ports
  • Ethernet
  • 110/240v Mains power
  • Battery removable for recharging
  • 8” integrated monitor
  • One-handed mode for rapid
    easy menu operation
  • Light-weight, extremely rugged polycarbonate body
  • Can be controlled remotely via
    Ethernet link
    Data collection and full analysis
    on the same system

Simultaneous Phased Array &
ToFD data collection.

• Highly Portable (3 KG)
• Exceptional Performance
• Affordable Price
• High Speed Real-time Data Collection
• Fast Inspection Speed
• Extensive Analysis Tools
• Easy to Use Menus
• Powerful Reporting Functions
• Removable BatteryApplications
• Pressure Vessels Welds
• Pipeline Welds
• Structural Welds
• Forgings & Castings
• Turbine Disks & Blades
• Aircraft Components
• Complex Geometries
• Hydrogen Damage Surveys
• Corrosion SurveysTechniques
• Phased Array
• ToFD
• Pulse Echo
• Corrosion Mapping
• Weld Zone Discrimination Software Options
• Phased Array/Pulse Echo
• ToFD
• Strip-Scan
• Long Range (CHIME)
TD Super-View
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