October 8, 2015
Maxi-Pulse 5000
October 8, 2015
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Complete Operators Manual
Custom Deluxe Receiver Rods
Sealed Rechargeable 12-Volt System
Deluxe Waterproof Hard Case
One Full Year Warranty
Closer View of Treasure Navigator


The Treasure Navigator is our top of the line Long Range Locator (LRL). Years of testing, research and development have made this locator the most desirable LRL world wide. Reports of treasures being found while using the Navigator have clients contacting us on a daily basis. All of our exclusive features plus much more have been built into this user friendly locator. Whether you’re a beginner or professional, this unit will fit any endeavor. From the easy set-up to final discovery the Navigator is a true winner in Treasure Recovery!

The Treasure Navigator is an extremely versatile treasure hunting tool, capable of generating a variety of signals for Gold, Silver, Diamond, Currency, and many other items (all signals are generated using microprocessor techniques to establish high accuracy and precision).

The front panel of the Navigator includes a full numeric key pad which makes it quick and easy to select a mode and enter or edit all parameters pertinent to your selection. In addition a rotary knob allows a quick adjustment of any numeric value. The front panel also includes several special function switches specifically designed for testing and evaluating treasure locations.