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September 18, 2014
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September 18, 2014
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Multi Sensor- Accurate Locators

Detect & Pinpoint Gold, Relics, Treasure, And Artifacts Quickly With The 3D Multi Sensor Metal Detector!

The Accurate Locator 3D Multi Sensor Imaging System Metal Detector is well suited for the professional gold prospector and treasure hunter.

The 3D Multi Sensor is designed for locating larger targets (6″ and larger) such as voids, caves and anomalies. It is ideal for covering more ground quickly at a lower cost.

This 3D unit is mobile, lightweight, and an easy to use system. The 3D software is designed for the hobbyist as well as the professional. Another super metal detector from of certified engineer professionals at Accurate Locators.

The 3D Multi Sensor Metal Detector is a cost effective locator for larger targets down to 120 feet deep. The system includes a Mini Note Book to save and catalog the scans for use now and later. Utilizing the newly redesigned interface the software provides vivid 3D representations of the subsurface anomalies. Get faster target identification over larger areas with the 3D software. 3D Imaging Software & Laptop Makes It Easier!

Package price includes a pre-configured Ultra Mobile PC with touch screen technology and Windows XP or better operating system*
You may supply your own Pentium 3 equivalent or better laptop, mini or UMPC for a $300.00 (USD)discount.
*Laptop make and model subject to change without notice. One year warranty on laptop.
Accurate Locator 3D Multi Sensor


3D Mulit Sensor Includes:

  • Control Unit (Inside 2-Sided Case)
  • 4 Sensor Antenna
  • Mini PC Computer
  • Battery Wall Charger
  • Mini PC Wall Charger
  • USB Flash Drive With PC Installation Software
  • Mounting Shaft Bolt with Washers and Wing Nut For Antenna Mounting
  • Instruction Manual
  • Antenna Transport Bag
  • 2-Sided Computer/Control Unit Operation Carry Case
  • 36 Month Warranty Multi Sensor Only
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