October 8, 2015
October 8, 2015
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Millennium 2000

Complete Operators Manual
Custom Receiver Rods
Cigarette Lighter Adapter
Waterproof Carrying Case
One Full Year Warranty
Closer View of Millennium 2000

The Millennium-2000 is an extremely accurate locator developed for finding LONG TIME BURIED TARGETS. Through years of testing, we have now built features into this easy to use machine found on no other long range locator. The KEYS to locating and pinpointing caches have now been solved. How did we accomplish this? Look at our many exclusive features, and you will soon realize what you have been missing! Also notice the many ways to evaluate your target “before you dig.” This is our main KEY to successful recovery.Whether you’re hunting large or small caches of GOLD – SILVER – DIAMONDS – JEWELRY the Millennium-2000 is the tool for you. The “2000” has been thoroughly field-tested in all parts of the world with great success!