Maxi-Pulse 5000
October 8, 2015
Load Locator
October 8, 2015
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Maxi-Pulse PLUS

Complete Operators Manual
Transmitter and Head Phones
Approx. 40-Inch Loop
Internal Battery with Charger
Padded Hard Case
One Full Year Warranty
Closer View of Maxi-Pulse PLUS


The MAXI-PULSE PLUS has all the features of the MAXI 5000 plus more! Controls have been cut down to just one switch (on / off) and one 10-turn adjust knob. The transmitter houses a rechargeable battery, allowing for many hours of use. The complete unit breaks down and can easily be stored in small spaces or carried into remote locations. Targets have been located at depths of THIRTY FEET PLUS! Other locators capable of searching this depth are heavy and tedious, costing as much as five times the amount of the MAXI PLUS!





Great for searching walls of dwellings, tunnels, or caves

Excellent for down-hole pinpointing

Search coil can be doubled for tight areas