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October 8, 2015
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October 8, 2015
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Load Locator

Complete Operators Manual
Rugged Seal Tight Case
12-Volt Rechargeable Sealed Battery
Analog Meter
One Year Warranty
Closer View of Mother Load Locator


When a strong low frequency signal is transmitted through the ground from one probe to another, the wave used is a “carrier.” The Mother Load Locator has a special low frequency wave that travels great distances in the ground. The wave will take the path of least resistance through the ground. Precious metals are easy for the wave to travel through. If metal or a highly conductive target is in the wave’s trajectory, it encounters less resistance along its path. A stronger carrier wave will return to the receiving probe. When this happens the Target Response Lamp on the Mother Load Locator lights. A metered response will also be indicated on the control panel of the MLL. Using this technology, many discoveries have been made in Greece, Mexico, the Philippines and right here in the USA.Covers 24,000 square feet, approximately 1/2 acre

Determines size, shape and depth to 130 feet

User friendly, one switch for 6-way testing

Extra large meter for easy reading

4 – copper plated rods

4 – 110 ft wire spools

Battery, charger & connectors

Dummy loads

Now you can see what is buried before digging!