Deephunter- Makro
November 17, 2014
Jeohunter 3D dual system- Makro
November 17, 2014
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Jeosonar- Makro

The Jeosonar 3D (Three Dimensional) Dual System is manufactured with the most advanced technology capable of world’s most advanced metal and cavity detection detector system.Deep Jeohunter detector of class 3D Dual System underground metal target a detected Gold, Precious, Worthless, and examines the four groups, namely steel. In addition to its success in metal detection and evaluation, the cave with the ability to identify gaps, cellars, tunnels, bunkers and structures such as the tomb tells the user in real-time during calls. Underground of targets detected 2D signal graph can be drawn in real-time Jeohunter 3D Dual System is that to this day produced video is the most developed in the system. Multi-functional search and identify features with the most challenging soil structure, very dense enamel

Makro Jeo sonar 3D
Jeo sonar 3D 2012 system-dimensional double-trio, the most advanced
detector system, it is characterized by identifying feature free
spaces and minerals under the land and has been manufacturing this
device the most advanced technology. jeo sonar 3D dual system of class
D triad detectors deep research distinguishes four categories of
minerals beneath the earth’s gold and valuable metals and non-value
steel. And provides a device for using all information on the screen
in three dimensions. As for the caves, warehouses, tunnels, earth
shelters and tombs reveal his property underground spaces as well as
to identify and assess the analytical report on the minerals
underground. jeo sonar 3D system can double-trio-dimensional design
drawing graphic reference triad dimensions of the objectives that have
been detected under the earth, which is among the most advanced visual
jeo sonar dual system triad-dimensional and multi-functional search
feature allows users to search easily in all types of soil in areas
with high density of many metals. And the search screen is designed to
use the device helps to easily search for all professional users and
novices, and those of the most basic device characteristics that
distinguish it from other detectors.
Feature of the device to distinguish between metals and the search for
depth and high accuracy as well as the system can jeo sonar 3D double
triad Dimensions
Determine the depth of goal setting in a report on the screen, whether
that was metal, large or small cave or underground in length. jeo
sonar 3D system equipped with three-dimensional triad tablets
different land search functions.When you purchase the dual system jeo sonar 3D triad dimensions. Will
you do a search in the depths that have not discovered one of the
before and you will get to treasures that are not up to it by the
grace of a disk researcher deep dimensions of 60 * 100 cm to penetrate
the depths of 16 meters and is intended for the minerals that lasts a
long time underground. The disk researcher public dimensions 36 * 44
cm, which penetrates to the depths of 8 meters, and the small
dimensions of the disk Researcher 21 * 31.5 cm, which penetrates to a
depth of 4 meters.
The relationship between the signal and the shape

Had been provided with the product jeosonar the most advanced
technology and the Department(Oscilloscope cathode) on the screens
provides the user information on a target in a transfer target signals
to ground-based graphs. Thanks to this feature facilitates the user to
specify the target and keep him under the ground prior to the drilling
process. The series system jeo sonnar for 2009 – 2010 – 2011 – 2012
has the features are very important to just do not get in any program
thanks to the last detector that determines the relationship between
form and short of the target signal.