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September 18, 2014
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September 18, 2014
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Ground Penetrating Radar:  Ground Penetrating radar is a non-destructive way of locating utilities that will not carry an electronic signal for traditional locating. We currently use both a Sensors and Software Inc. “Noggin” GPR (ground penetrating radar) with a 250mhz antenna and  a “Mala GeoScience Ramac/GPR”  system with a 500mhz antenna.  By having two separate radars, each with different strength antennas and unique filters, we can locate utilities in a broad range of depths and soil conditions.  These GPRs are used to create  cross-sectional views of subsurface features and anomalies.  Through, “in the field” analysis of the data collected these features can then be mapped and shown in relation to the property boundary.

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