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November 11, 2018
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GOLD X-FINDER is a digital, ionic long range locator with the choice of 10 factory frequency modes to detect gold, silver, iron, lead, aluminum, copper, bronze, diamonds, water, cave/voids. Additionally there is a user mode where the frequency can be set manually, to scan for other elements or experimenting with metal alloys.  The selected frequency is displayed on the LCD, it is not locked and it can be altered on every mode for an accurate and precise location.  For example use your gold alloy sample target  as a “bait” and roll through the frequencies until GOLD X-FINDER locator reacts only to your target.  These user frequency settings are stored automatically in memory. Detection range and depth are also adjustable. Depending upon target size and user skill, ranges 300 to 2500 m. and depths up to 6 m. are achieved


– 10 automatic preset frequency modes

– Scan gold, silver, iron, lead, aluminum, copper, bronze, diamonds, water, cave/voids

– User defined, adjustable frequency mode

– VLF frequency range 0 to 20000 Hz

– Manual frequency tuning at 1 Hz fine precision steps

– Memory for the user frequency settings

– Backlight character LCD 64 mm x 18 mm

– Auto power on by attaching the handle

– Auto Ground Balance to reject minerals

– Audio target signal

– Temperature -10 to 50 C

– Humidity 95%

– Weight (main unit, batteries, antenna, handle) 550 grams

– Weight (inside carry case) 950 grams

– Main unit (without antenna) 150 mm x 100 mm 60 mm

– Telescopic antenna 130 mm to 615 mm

– 4 x AA Alkaline batteries

– Battery life 12 hours

– Battery consumption 20 mA (standby) / 50 mA (location)

– Audio / visual battery status test

– Detection ranges 300 to 2500 m. adjustable *

– Locates up to 6 m. depth

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