January 29, 2019
February 2, 2019
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FOX EYE Metal Detector

The FOXEYE™ Magnetic Locator is a product of over sixty years’ experience in producing the world’s finest flux‐gate magnetometers and magnetic detectors for aerospace, military and civilian applications. The Fox eye™ incorporates the knowledge obtained from manufacturing under the most rigid quality control standards. The heart of the Fox eye™ is its patented FOXEYE HeliFlux™ magnetic field sensors. These sensors, acknowledged to be the world’s finest, make possible the unequalled performance of the locator.




Audio: Signal increases or decreases in frequency with signal
strength (gradient field intensity). Audio frequency range: 30 to
4000 Hz.

Visual: Expanding bar graph and +/‐ signs indicates polarity and
signal strength. Digital readout shows gradient field intensity
expressed in milligauss (mG). Range: 0 to 500 mG

Battery Indicator 4‐segment LCD

Gain  4‐Level LCD: Low (L), Medium (M), High (H), Extra High (XH)

Volume  3 Levels: Muted, Medium and High

Input  Power One 9V battery (Lithium recommended)

Battery Life  24 Hours (intermittent usage)

Operating Temperature  ‐13° F to 140° F (‐25° C to 60° C)

Water and Dust Resistance  Rated IP54, when operated with earphone jack plug (provided)

Overall Length  Open: 26” (66 cm), Closed: 15.5” (39 cm)

Nominal Sensor Spacing  9.5” (24 cm)

Weight  2.4 lb. (1.1 Kg)

Construction Material  High impact ABS

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