Reflexsion- OKM
September 20, 2014
EXP 4000- OKM
September 20, 2014
Women in the Age of Economic Transformation: Gender Impact of Reforms in Post-Socialist and Developing Countries

EXP 5000- OKM


The following technical indications are medial values. During operation small variations are quite possible.

Control unit

Operating temperature 0 °C – 70 °C
Storage temperature -20 °C – 60 °C
Air humidity 5 % – 75 %
Waterproof No
Dimensions (H x W x D) 8 x 13 x 18 cm
Weight approx. 2 kg
Voltage 9.6 – 14.4 VDC, 22 W maximum
Safety class IP40
Operating time (full charged battery, delivered power supply, 25° C) approx. 3 hours
Video eyeglasses 640 x 480 Pixel, Color
Processor 300 MHz Prozessor, INTEL i586-compatible
Working memory 256 MB RAM
Data memory 256 MB
Feedback audible, visual

Data transmission (USB)

Technology USB
Maximum Transfer Rate 19200 Baud

Computer, minimum requirements

CD-ROM drive minimum 4x
Interface (Data transmission) USB


Free disk space minimum 50 MB
Working memory (RAM) minimum 256 MB
Graphic card minimum 128 MB, OpenGL-compatible
Processor minimum 1.2 GHz
Operating system Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
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