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September 18, 2014
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September 20, 2014
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Examiner-Gold Detectors


World’s first 3D metal detector fully tablet PC operated
– the Geo Examiner ground radar, combines 3 proven treasure hunting techniques in one: probes, magnetometer and metal detector !

Where others see a computer, the user has an advanced real time imaging ground radar in disguise !

GEO EXAMINER has 3 integrated systems for the price of one:

• Geophysical locator- for large metal detection and void location with graphical separation of metal targets from voids and other geological features.
Uses ground transmitting and receiving probes for data collection.
The geophysical system comes in 4 probe as standard
or 22 probe as optional

• Magnetometer – a super sensitive 80 cm. gradiometer antenna reveals
soil magnetic field disturbances caused by voids, ferrous metals, foundations, walls

• 3D Metal detector – for selective rejection of non valuable metal targets.

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