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December 15, 2014
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EMFAD – Electromagnetic field anomaly detection


The company EMFAD is a geoscience companies in Rhineland-Palatinate. In collaboration with the university sector have the entrepreneurs with their many years of experience in the use of electromagnetic methods in the development of EMFAD – principle involved.

Thus a very efficient and rapid measurement method by which a large area overview measurements for determining soil anomalies and suspicious areas, as well as detailed measurements at high resolutions arose were possible.

First, the method was only EMFAD even in the context of site investigations, and the survey of contaminated sites on brownfield sites and military training grounds used.

Over the years, it became clear that the EMFAD measurement method was used in far more applications.The company EMFAD therefore decided due to the high demand of building laboratories, offices and mountain building authorities, professional archaeologists and treasure hunters who EMFAD – Technologyto develop a marketable and user-friendly geophysical measurement system. Since it is the company’s goal to develop based on technological innovation pioneering products.

The worldwide success of 1997 produced for ground geophysics EMFAD UG 12 measuring systemencourages the founder of Business her efforts in the future with pioneering innovative technology and excellent quality that meets the high requirements of our customers to deliver.

This success is the development EMFAD UG12 PRO found its sequel! On our site you will find ample information on EMFAD UG 12 PRO . We will advise you if you are not sure of this metal detector for your application is the most optimal.