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December 15, 2014
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December 15, 2014
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DTI pulse Sirius Pro


The DTI pulse Sirius Pro is a metal detector with the latest Dual-processor technology. The first processor receives the measured value processing and a second controls from scratch newly developed Pulse Isolation Unit (PIU) . This now allows for the measurement value gain so that gold also at greater depths can still be searched for and differentiated.

The Sirius Pro uses the latest pulse-induction system of the 5th generation with digital data processing, high-resolution touch-screen display and with powerful amplifier with 910 watts maximum power pulses with the most precise Gold discrimination on the basis of a complex software.

The detector was developed using the latest state of the art and builds on the tried and tested digital pulse induction detectors on. With the new technology, the PIU complete digitization of the measurement system was pushed even further. The signal processing and system control is carried by the latest dual-processor technology for fast and reliable measurement.

Future-oriented programming, the software can DTI pulse Sirius Pro to be adjusted in the future to new tasks. The software was written specifically for the requirements of selective searching for gold. A simple 480 x 272-pixel touch-screen color display leads even the novice step by step, with optimal device settings to a successful search. A find is indicated both audibly through speakers or headphones, as well as in the color display of Sirius Pro presented. Here direct conclusions about the located metal can be made. By the time line mode it a search larger areas quickly is finally possible.

The Sirius Pro can be operated with different search probes. The maximum achievable penetration depth varies greatly according to type of coil used. A high-performance IGBT power amplifier provides optimum matching of the coils to the system. The pulse of the unit has a capacity of up to 910 watts max. This also large coils can be used (up to 2×1 meters).

With the Sirius per the achievable detection depths were further maximized without compromising the exact Gold discrimination.