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December 15, 2014
DTI pulse Sirius Pro
December 15, 2014
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DTI pulse Antares


The DTI pulse Antares is a high-power pulse discriminator detector. The pulse function is the basic function of the metal detector . The Antares is based on a detector base board with its own processor and an embedded systems Pc. This location can be displayed in real time or as a calculated plot. The Antares as a pulse detector can work with discriminator or with the 8x / 2Achsen magnetometer probe as Magnoradar.The Antares is a new generation of multifunctional detectors. The integrated 3D software implements a complete graphical 3D representation of the scanned floor. So you no longer need a laptop to take in the area. The metal discrimination is like Sirius Pro in color and in addition has Antares a 3D view . The detector has a Microsoft operating system and can run all visualizations directly. A 680×420 pixel display with touch panel allows Sunlight bright image output in ambient light. The Antares can be used for post-processing of search data with keyboard and mouse. The USB port also data can be read or read with a CF card adapter. So it is no problem to make editing with the PC software on your home computer. TheAntares has various programs for real-time processing of the pulse function or Magnoradarfunktion. From the read data may also be a calculated 3D image will be generated. The detector is fitted as standard with aGPS equipped. An additional data transmitter or data logger is not required. All software changes for future extensions can be easily via USB – Update interface.