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September 18, 2014
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Cobra 400- GPR

Features Specifications:

NEW Cobra Locator 400 GPR 2009 3D GPS ground penetrating radar system ( GPR ) multifrequency variable depth BI-Static

Cobra locator GPR 2009, the worlds first Multi Frequency GPR for near surface and mid shallow investigations up to 8 m depth (10m in superior conditions). Using a bi-static antenna unit, the signal is very strong and clear even in harsh conditions. Why buy four antennas (with only monopole) if you can have the Cobra Locator, which can do all that and better in one antenna (or complete GPR).


Cobra locator information: 
– Full 3D
– Integrated GPS
– Integrated survey wheel encoder , works toghether with GPS
– Max. Depth 10M
– Bi static (double antenna design for better performance)
– Possible to order a system to an antenna for the basic SIR 3000 gpr
– Measure 2 (!!) different frequencies simultaneously (two profiles in one track) (save time and $$)
– Windows XP/ Vista / 7 support for fast easy processing and transfer

Pricelist with expansion options (helicopter survey kit, software modules (3D and GPS)) available. Email for the pricelist of 2009.

Complete Cobra Locator GPR/ Antenna Integrated System with Cart and PC,

Complete GPR data acquisition system with: GPR-unit, 100-900 MHz shielded dual antennas, Tx & Rx electronics, Li-Ion rechargeable battery, and rugged IP-68 USB 2 connection. Rugged Pansonic Toughbook PC running bundled acquisition software for control, display, processing and storage of GPR-data. External power- and SW-encoder connector. Removable 12 wheels, digital SW-encoder.

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