Get from LD Detecting Device and experience

Get from LD Detecting Device and experience:



Affordable Device for small hobby searches:
  1. Beach Hunting: When most people think of metal detecting, the beach is the first place that comes to mind. We carry the best metal detectors for treasure hunting on the beach. From salt water coastal beaches to fresh water inland locations, we have the proper equipment available. Our top beach detectors are featured below. Speak to our experienced staff for help selecting the right model metal detector for you.
  2. Jewelry and Coins: Locating old coins and precious jewelry can be both exciting and rewarding. The metal detectors below are our favorite models for locating coins and jewelry. Old parks, town commons and locations with great history are perfect spots use your new detector.
  3. Underwater Hobby: Underwater metal detectors come in two main varieties: Pulse Induction (PI) and Very Low Frequency (VLF). The detector models found below include units in all three categories. The most popular places for using a waterproof metal detector include walking along the beach, diving or wading in the water. We are happy to help you compare and select the best underwater detector for your needs.
  4. Gold Hunting: If you are looking to locate natural gold, the metal detectors below are just what the modern day prospector needs. These models have special circuits and unique search coils designed to locate the tiniest gold nuggets in the toughest conditions. Keep in mind; gold prospecting detectors come in two main varieties: high frequency VLF designs and Pulse Induction designs. Both types are listed below. Feel free to speak with one of our product specialist for advice on choosing the best model gold detector for your needs.
  5. Deep seeking: Are you looking to uncover deeply buried Treasure Caches or Treasure Hoards? Deep Seeking and two box metal detectors are specially designed to locate these hidden treasures. Large volumes of gold and silver coins, jewelry and other precious metals are often buried deeply beneath the earth in large vessels. While treasures come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, with the proper equipment, they can be easily located.



High Security Metal Detectors:
  1. Security Walk Through
  2. Security Hand Scanner



  1. Spending that much of money will guarantee you return the fee plus it adds a fun behind your hobby.
  2. Several specialized metal detectors can discriminate between different kind of metals like gold, silver or other precious metals.
  3. Optimizes your security parameter.
  4. Easily recovers from small needle to deep ground hidden metals with strong signal.
  5. Gives you