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By Ronda Rich

Come, sip a pitcher of candy tea and sit down for a spell with Ronda at the porch swing as she tells you tales of happiness and heartache, family and friends, and a religion that’s robust sufficient to deal with something existence throws your means. As Ronda stocks, Southerners don’t simply discuss God, they've got a “kitchen-table faith,” that seems like a comfy, relied on neighbor who sits down and remains for a superb, lengthy stopover at. It’s a religion you reside and breathe, day-in, day-out, even if it’s praying to the great Lord as you sit down at the porch swing or discovering pleasure in a scrumptious pan of cornbread. As Ronda says, Southern religion “is a religion that's simple, basic, and durable, that's utilitarian in perform and that matches as conveniently within the arms of Southern girls as a toddler, an iron skillet, a hair brush, a cell, or a broom.” From tales of moonshine and revivals, Sunday dinners and new Easter clothes, prayers responded and griefs shared, you’ll find a religion that helps you while the rigors and heartaches of lifestyles reason you to stumble, a religion that grabs you by means of the elbow and steadies you at the path.

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