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By Michelle Hollomon

Are you prepared to work out God in a new manner? Are you prepared to dwell a well-loved existence? God loves you, He really does. he's greater than you may imagine. a few humans develop up with a belief of Who God is. they believe that God is out to punish them and that he's mad at them. That kind of pondering is completely unsuitable. God is LOVE, yet now not the sort that you're used to. God is longing to be in a dating with you and exhibit you ways a lot He loves and cares for you. God isn't , disapproving strength that's tough to thrill and unwilling to aid. he's a loving, variety, gracious and sturdy God. What you think approximately God and your self is critical in your progress and luck at each point. Your view of God finally determines the variation among own importance and vacancy, happiness and melancholy, good fortune and failure. studying and experiencing who God fairly is and what He quite thinks approximately you is key to getting unstuck from self-defeating innovations and behaviors, dissatisfaction with your self, and unfulfilling or destructive relationships. God doesn't examine you for your entire error and downfalls; He appears at you as His baby. He appears at you thru the eyes of affection.

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